Rotted Wood Repairs &
Exterior Trim Work

Whether I am in Florida or Cape Cod, this is one of the busiest things I do for homeowners. Just walk outside your home and take a look around. Chances are you will find something that is starting to rot out. It may be caused by insects, i.e. Carpenter Ants, Termites, Powder Post Beetles and even Woodpecker damage… or it may be caused by a Fungus that eats the fibers of the wood to get the cellulose and the sugars it needs to survive… or it may be caused by too much exposure to water from a leaking gutter or downspout…. No matter what causes the wood to rot, the following list of items are things I typically work on:

  •  Rotted exterior trim boards
  • Window sills
  •  Porch posts and pillars
  •  Rake boards along the edge of a roof
  •  Window and door trim boards
  •  Under-gutter fascia and soffit boards
  •  Wood Siding, whether Shingles or Clapboard, Texture 111 or Board and Batten vertical
  •  Door Thresholds and lower left or right rotted doorway jamb boards
  •  Rim Joist and Sill repairs under a front door entryway.

This is particularly true in the New England area, where the whole house is made of wood.